Mar 29, 2022 - Technology

Apple leads U.S. tech giants in China ties

Animated illustration of two computer chips, one with American coloring and one with Chinese coloring. Their circuits are spreading out in different directions.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Huawei may have seen its sales take a dip amid U.S. sanctions, but it's not just Chinese companies that stand to suffer if the U.S. and China further split their tech universes.

Driving the news: A new report from Loup Partners details U.S. tech giants' exposure to China.

Why it matters: China is a major source of manufacturing capacity and also a juicy, if tough-to-crack, market for companies looking to expand globally.


  • Apple is one of the companies most exposed to China, getting 18 percent of revenue and an estimated 85 percent of its manufacturing from the country.
  • Tesla gets about a quarter of its revenue and does about the same percentage of its manufacturing in China.
  • Amazon only gets a tiny fraction of its revenue, probably less than 1 percent, from China, but the Loup report estimates that 37 percent of sellers and 75 percent of products sold on Amazon are from China.
  • By contrast, Microsoft gets about 2 percent of revenue from China, while Google, Facebook and Netflix don't get meaningful revenue from the country, though Facebook and Google do manufacture some hardware there.
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