Mar 23, 2022 - Technology

RealNetworks debuts face recognition system for doors

A shot in profile of RealNetworks' SAFR SCAN system

Image: RealNetworks

Venerable Seattle software maker RealNetworks is making its first foray into hardware, with a face recognition system businesses can use to control entry to doors.

Why it matters: Keycards remain the dominant system for controlling building access, but remain vulnerable to card swapping, tailgating and other workarounds.


  • SAFR SCAN, as the device is known, evolved from the company's existing computer vision and face recognition work.
  • RealNetworks said that the device can scan 30 people per minute and won't be spoofed by someone holding up a photo of an authorized user, though it might get fooled by identical twins or someone wearing an expensive Hollywood mask.
  • The device is made in the U.S. and will sell for $1,199 when it begins shipping in May. RealNetworks also plans to install the systems in its own offices.

What they're saying: CEO Rob Glaser declined to say how many people are working on SAFR SCAN, but said, "It’s a significant initiative."

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