Mar 7, 2022 - Technology

What to watch for at Tuesday's Apple event


Screenshot: Axios

The tease for Tuesday's Apple's press event was "Peek Performance," perhaps a hint that we will get a "peek" at something new. And that, more than the prospect of a new iPad or a 5G-capable iPhone SE, is what I am most interested in.

Between the lines: Apple usually uses its press events to announce products that are shipping either immediately or within the next few weeks. Every now and then, though, it teases a product that is further out.

Driving the news: Apple is live-streaming a press event starting at 10 a.m. PT Tuesday.

  • The company is widely expected to introduce an updated iPhone SE, likely with 5G support, along with perhaps a new iPad.
  • Apple is also in the process of shifting its entire Mac line from Intel chips to Apple-designed processors, so new Mac models are also a reasonable bet.

The big picture: More interesting is what the company might show but not release.

  • While I am certainly not expecting to see an Apple car, there's an outside chance the company could preview its mixed-reality headset. But its June developer conference would make more sense for such an unveiling, if the goal is to get programmers working to create apps.
  • Another possibility is that the company shows a high-end Mac that is a little further off, as it has done in the past with both the iMac Pro and Mac Pro.

My thought bubble: Even if all Apple does is introduce new models of existing products, I'll be looking for any features within those products that hint toward future directions.

The bottom line: Whatever Apple introduces, expect news and analysis on and in Wednesday's Axios Login newsletter.

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