Mar 8, 2022 - World

Lumen becomes second major internet provider to end ties with Russia

The Kremlin

The Kremlin towers in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Photo: Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

Lumen, a leading internet provider in Russia, is cutting its ties in the country, the company announced Tuesday.

Why it matters: The ending of another internet provider's service there is likely to further isolate Russia from the rest of the digital world.

The big picture: Sanctions and divestment from the business community have increasingly isolated Russia from the rest of the world.

What they're saying: “We decided to disconnect the network due to increased security risk inside Russia," the company said in a statement.

  • "We have not yet experienced network disruptions, but given the increasingly uncertain environment and the heightened risk of state action, we took this move to ensure the security of our and our customers’ networks, as well as the ongoing integrity of the global Internet.”

Between the lines: “The business services we provide are extremely small and very limited as is our physical presence," the company said.

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