Feb 17, 2022 - Economy

Vaccine mandates depend on local politics

Percentage of job posts advertising required vaccination, by metro area
Data: Indeed; Chart: Jared Whalen/Axios

When it comes to job postings with a vaccination requirement, 9 of the top 10 cities went blue in the 2020 election, according to a new Indeed analysis.

  • The one metro area that went red is Fayetteville, Arkansas.

By the numbers: In January, 7.1% of job postings in blue metros advertised required vaccination compared with 4.4% in red metros.

  • Politics appears to be a more significant determinant of whether or not a job will require vaccination than more relevant factors, such as whether or not the job requires in-person work, says Indeed economist AnnElizabeth Konkel.

Between the lines: It’s not surprising that Democratic-leaning cities have a higher share of job postings requiring the jab, as these are also the places with higher rates of vaccination. But the size of the gap is noteworthy.

  • "I figured there would be a difference," says Konkel. "But I was surprised it was this large."
  • "It's a good example illustrating that employers are taking the temperature in their local markets," she says. "This is a labor market where employers want to appeal to job seekers and certainly not offend them in any way."
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