Feb 1, 2022 - Politics & Policy

Imagine Axios AM for your company

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This GIF shows Axios HQ in action: Artificial intelligence suggests Smart Brevity edits.

We've previewed for you the Axios big growth areas for 2022: expanding Axios Local into 25+ American cities + new paid Pro products with actionable intelligence for your job.

  • The third and final piece of our 2022 expansion: vastly — and, to me, magically — improving internal communications for organizations everywhere.

The big picture: We created an AI-powered software platform to help any company, leader or manager cut through the noise to align people around what truly matters. It's called Axios HQ.

  • 200+ top organizations big and small use it to produce essential, efficient newsletters like AM.
  • They see our templates — proven formats for all-staff or team updates — and our analytics as the perfect communications tool to create and share critical information.
  • They rely on our Smart Brevity guidance to write shorter, pick better words, delight readers with efficiency, make what matters pop — and be remembered.
  • Want to learn more? Register to join Axios CEO Jim VandeHei and four communications leaders to hear the impact Axios HQ has had for their organizations.

Fun backstory: We were reluctant to create a software company inside our media operation, but so many organizations asked and it turned into a super-fast-growing business. Thanks!

  • Our clients include Delta Air Lines, Edelman, Takeda, EverFi and over 200 other organizations.
  • This is so important to Axios that Roy Schwartz runs HQ full-time, while Jim and I focus more on media. You can reach out to Roy, our president and co-founder, directly to learn more: [email protected].
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