Jan 20, 2022 - Technology

Game developers not interested in NFTs, survey finds

Image courtesy of GDC

Image courtesy of GDC

NFTs remain a contentious topic for developers, according to the State of the Game Industry survey, with a majority claiming their companies aren't interested at all.

The details: The survey states that 72% of respondents related to cryptocurrency and 70% of respondents related to NFTs have no interest in either.

  • "The current implementation of both technologies is still very limited, with 1% of respondents saying that their studio already uses either."

The big picture: Big names like Ubisoft and Square Enix have shown interest in the NFT wave, alongside veteran developers Will Wright and Peter Molyneux.

  • But the interest among developers themselves is far more scattered, and the general reaction from the video game community is poor.

What they're saying: One developer said that they currently work at an NFT company and plan to quit: “Burn 'em to the ground. Ban everyone involved in them.”

  • “How this hasn’t been identified as a pyramid scheme is beyond me,” said another.
  • Others are keen to see where it goes: “It’s the wave of the future.”
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