Jan 18, 2022 - Health

Kids' COVID vaccination rates are particularly low in rural America

Note: Data is not shown for states in which the county was unknown for at least 10% of the children vaccinated in that state, or where children vaccination data was unavailable; Reproduced from a KHN analysis of CDC and NCHS data: Chart: Axios Visuals

Children's vaccination rates remain stubbornly low in the U.S., particularly in rural parts of the country. Rates also vary drastically by state, KHN reports.

Why it matters: Children rarely get severe COVID cases, but it happens. Vaccinations are also a crucial tool for keeping schools open as Omicron rips through the country, experts say.

  • Only 18% of children ages 5–11 are fully vaccinated, per the CDC, and 28% have received at least one dose. More than half of children 12–17 — who have been eligible for the shots significantly longer — are fully vaccinated.
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