Jan 13, 2022 - Economy

TikTokers out-earn top CEOs

Top-earning TikTok star vs. top-paid executives
Data: Forbes, Wall Street Journal; Images: Getty; Table: Thomas Oide/Axios

Charli D’Amelio is bringing home more than some top CEOs, per The Wall Street Journal.

Why it matters: TikTok — now more popular than Google — has propelled creators like D’Amelio, 17, into a new class of business empires driven by follower count.

By the numbers: D’Amelio, TikTok’s top account with 133.4 million followers, earned $17.5 million last year, according to Forbes. 

  • How that bacon was made: Sponsorships, a Hulu series and an apparel brand.
  • Together with her 20-year-old sister Dixie (the second-highest earner on TikTok) the duo made over $27 million, says Forbes.
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