Jan 11, 2022 - Technology

Popular word game Wordle attracts copycats

Screenshot: Axios

Wordle, the viral once-daily online word game, has started to attract copycats, including some that charge hefty subscription prices or sell items online.

Why it matters: The popular game has a simple premise, making it easy to duplicate. Also, it's web-based, and that leaves a gap in app stores that imitators are quickly filling.

The latest: Apple has started removing some of the Wordle-like apps, per The Verge.

Be smart: The real Wordle is a simple web app, found here. It has spread rapidly in recent days as people have shared their game results on Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, but: The genre also lends itself to variants.

  • One example is Absurdle, in which your software "opponent" is able to keep changing the hidden word on you.
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