Jan 7, 2022 - Sports

Why "super-champions" are dominating "Jeopardy!"

Amy Schneider on the "Jeopardy!" set

Amy Schneider. Photo: Jeopardy Productions, Inc. via AP

"Something streaky is happening on 'Jeopardy!' right now," The Ringer's Claire McNear reports.

State of play: Matt Amodio kicked off the show's 38th season with a 38-game winning streak (second-longest ever). More streaks followed, including Amy Schneider's current 27-game run (fourth-longest ever).

  • Amodio, Schneider and Jonathan Fisher all have double-digit wins this season, a feat just nine other players have accomplished in the 19 seasons since the show lifted its five-day cap, per McNear.
  • "Season 38 has certainly been the season of the super-champions," said 74-time "Jeopardy!" champion Ken Jennings, who's currently serving as host.

Between the lines: This unprecedented streakiness is at least partly due to the growing gap between the ultra-prepared players — who train like athletes — and the other contestants on the show.

"I was more like an old-school contestant, in that I was just someone who watched the show. I feel like more and more now, people are actively trying to get on the show for a long time ... and studying what other successful contestants have done."
"It's sort of like if tennis went from being an amateur game to being a professional game but it didn't happen overnight. ... We're at a point where it's not all pro, but there are a couple people that are preparing in a different way than everyone else."
Buzzy Cohen, a nine-game "Jeopardy!" winner and host of 2021's Tournament of Champions, via The Ringer
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