Jan 2, 2022 - Economy

Axios vows to save local news

A map showing where local axios outlets will be placed.

Map: Danielle Alberti/Axios

Axios CEO Jim VandeHei unveiled a manifesto for Axios Local and vowed to “bring smart, modern, trustworthy local news to every community in America.”

Why it matters: Axios is solving a problem so many of you feel acutely — the decline for local journalism. For years, people were convinced there was no high-quality, economically viable solution. Now there is.

  • Axios Local does for your hometown — or soon will — what Axios AM does for the world: Our reporters on the ground make their neighbors smarter, faster about how the community is changing.

Situational awareness: 14 cities, from Twin Cities to Tampa Bay, now have Axios Local teams bringing them an AM-style morning newsletter, plus alerts, guides and more.

  • This year, we'll add 11 more cities, from Seattle to Miami ... Phoenix to Boston.

Our theory of the case: Every city and town is reinventing itself (or being reluctantly reinvented) because of technology and the explosion of work-from-anywhere possibilities.

  • Think of the change unfolding in your backyard — where and how you work, live, communicate, travel, study, eat and work out.

How you can help: Sign up for our current Axios Local cities, or be the first to learn about expansions.

  • If you’re a great local journalist interested in joining our crusade, email Danielle Jones, [email protected].
  • If you run a business that wants to reach a city's most active, engaged citizens, connect with Axios chief business officer, Fabricio Drumond, [email protected].
  • If you're a philanthropist, we'd love your clever ideas for bringing this concept to smaller towns, especially news deserts, faster. Email VandeHei: [email protected].

Questions? Write me at [email protected].

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