Oct 21, 2021 - Politics & Policy

First look: David Gergen's playbook for young leaders

David Gergen book

Cover: Simon & Schuster

Coming May 10 from David Gergen, White House adviser to four U.S. presidents of both parties (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton) ... "Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders are Made."

  • Gergen says in a statement from Simon & Schuster: "Amidst growing perils to our democracy, one of America’s best hopes for the future is to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders — young people with fresh vision and a fierce dedication to progress."
  • "Drawing upon a half century I have spent in the public arena as well the lives of many others," Gergen says, "'Hearts Touched With Fire' is written as a practical playbook for anyone who seeks to become a great leader. Taken together, I hope the stories here will strengthen your faith that our democracy can ultimately prevail."

Robert Barnett was the counsel to the counselor.

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