Oct 19, 2021 - Technology

Apple's latest MacBook Pros add new chips

A person on a MacBook.

Photo: Apple

The new MacBook Pros unveiled Monday don't just feature all-new Apple-designed chips, but also bring back a bunch of much beloved features not found in recent years, including a card slot, MagSafe magnetic power cord and physical function keys.

Why it matters: The return of these features addresses shortcomings that were especially nagging on laptops costing $2,000 and up, though they weren't necessarily deal breakers. Plus, it shows that Apple is willing to listen to customers — eventually.

Catch up quick: Apple's new MacBookPros, which will be available next week, come with one of two new Apple chips: The M1 Pro and M1 Max, both of which are designed to offer greater performance than a comparable Intel chip while using less power.

  • The new laptops also include several features found on other recent Apple gear, including mini-LED displays (iPad Pro) and ProMotion variable display rates (iPhone 13).
  • The 14-inch model starts at $1,999 and the 16-inch version at $2,499.

Between the lines: Apple has been willing to experiment with new features like the Touch Bar, a touchscreen strip that replaced the function keys.

  • One hard part of that approach is being able to admit it and reverse course when the experiment fails.
  • The new laptops also reverse a trend toward minimalism that had seen even machines aimed at professionals lacking heavily used expansion ports and other features.

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