Sep 21, 2021 - Health

Manufacturers warn COVID rapid test shortages are coming

Boxed rapid covid tests

At-home COVID-19 test. Photo: Abbott via AP

Manufacturers are warning that the U.S. is, at best, weeks away from the production levels needed for President Biden's plan of mass-scale rapid COVID-19 testing.

The big picture: The U.S. has been far more cautious than places like Britain about embracing rapid, at-home testing, AP notes.

The result: Places like schools are far behind target on testing students, despite $10 billion in federal funds.

The bottom line: The reduced-price rapid tests the Biden administration negotiated are still pricey for anything other than one-off use.

  • The cheapest test is about $15 for a two-pack after discounts.

Flashback to February: Why we're still waiting for rapid, at-home COVID tests, by Axios Future editor Bryan Walsh

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