Aug 6, 2021 - Economy

The 49-day wait to get an engineering job

Illustration of an infinite, recursive tunnel of laptops.

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Engineering job seekers wait an average of 49 days to get hired after submitting job applications, per a new LinkedIn analysis.

The big picture: Employers are desperate to fill a record number of open positions across industries, but the hiring process is still taking a long time for some types of jobs.

  • It's taking 48 days to get hired for a research job, according to LinkedIn.
  • Wait times for project management, business development and finance jobs are 47 days, 46 days and 46 days, respectively.

One snag slowing down hiring in high-skill job areas like engineering is that telework has allowed companies to draw from a larger pool of applicants.

"In normal times, I'd do three rounds of interviews, and that’s it," says Jaspreet Bajwa, who's looking for a job in product marketing in the Bay Area. "So far this year, I’ve experienced five or six or seven rounds of interviews."

  • "There are a lot of applicants, and it’s the paradox of choice," he says. "I did notice that software companies are being more nitpicky."
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