Jul 26, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Sneak peek: Biden to tout ADA's bipartisan roots

George HW Bush signing the ADA into law

31 years ago today, President George H.W. Bush signs the ADA into law. Photo: Bettmann Archive

President Biden will highlight the bipartisan roots of the Americans with Disabilities Act when he holds a Rose Garden event Monday with Vice President Harris to mark the law's 31st anniversary.

What to watch: Biden, a co-sponsor of the bill as a senator, will say that the ADA was a Democratic bill signed into law by a Republican president, George H.W. Bush, who was surrounded by both Democrats and Republicans.

Biden, who'll be joined at the event by lawmakers of both parties, will note that more than three decades later, leaders from across the aisle are standing together again because the ADA is a product of passion and compassion — not partisanship.

  • Biden will say that for the more than 60 million Americans living with a disability, the ADA is a source of opportunity, independent living and respect, the White House said in a preview.
  • He'll also note that the law prevented disabled Americans from being denied service at restaurants or grocery stores, allowed people in wheelchairs to ride buses or trains to work or school, and stopped employers from refusing to hire workers because of disabilities.
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