Jul 3, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Jesse Watters recounts "Mom texts" between hard covers

Fox News' Jesse Watters book cover

Cover: Broadside Books

Fox News' Jesse Watters will be out Tuesday with "How I Saved the World," which includes a chapter of "Mom Texts" — critiques from his liberal mother (sometimes after a vodka) that became a segment on "The Five," after he originally read them to co-hosts during commercial breaks.

What she's saying: "You are on 'Fantasy Island'! And don’t make statements about what I as a Democrat want.

  • "Sad."
  • "Please pronounce your 'ing's. The word is 'putting' not 'puttin'.'"
  • "You are screaming at Juan and so disrespectfully. Tone it down!"
  • "Remember to respect your elders and I mean Geraldo!"
  • "Did you dye your eyebrows black?"
  • "Life is bigger than Hillary. Stop behaving like a one-trick pony."
  • "Stop yelling at Juan."
  • "Remember, confidence is silent and insecurity is loud."
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