Jun 17, 2021 - Politics & Policy

GOP Rep. Paul Gosar's family calls Jan. 6 comments "despicable"

Tim and David Gosar, the brothers of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), appeared on CNN Thursday to apologize "on behalf of the actual sane members of our family" for the GOP lawmaker's incendiary claims about Capitol Police and the Jan. 6 riot.

Why it matters: Gosar claimed in a House hearing this week that pro-Trump rioter Ashli Babbitt was "executed" by a Capitol Police officer who was "lying in wait." He is one of 21 Republicans who voted against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to all law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot.

  • Gosar, who is estranged from his family, has repeatedly downplayed the severity of the Jan. 6 attack.
  • The Arizona Republican spent weeks promoting false claims about the election and telling Trump supporters that the results could be overturned.

What they're saying: "First off, I'd like to thank Officer Fanone and the other Capitol Hill police officers for their bravery and heroism on that day," David Gosar told CNN. "And on behalf of the actual sane members of our family, which is everyone but Paul, we apologize on behalf of our family for his despicable comments and disgraceful behavior through this whole incident."

  • "Once you lose your focus on the truth, once you become someone that peddles in lies, once you become basically a snake oil salesman, the truth is a really slippery thing to get your arms around. It's really hard to go back to the truth once you become a pathological liar like Paul has become," Tim Gosar added.
  • Both Gosar brothers called for a full investigation by Congress and the Justice Department into the potential role of Gosar and other Republicans in inciting the Capitol attack.

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