Jun 1, 2021 - Technology

Three techies vie to be "Lego Masters" in new Fox show

Picture of two contestants in Fox's "Lego Masters," they are standing by a table with a bunch of legos on it

Randall Wilson, seen here competing on "Lego Masters" with partner Syreeta. Photo: Fox

What does being good at Legos have to do with tech know-how? A lot, says Philip Straatsma, a contestant in the new season of "Lego Masters" which starts Tuesday night on Fox.

Driving the news: Straatsma is one of at least three of the contestants in the upcoming season of "Lego Masters" who works in the tech industry.

Catch up quick: In "Lego Masters," contestants in teams of two have limited time to build a variety of projects that call for a mix of creativity and engineering.

  • This season's contests include an earthquake tower challenge, a demolition derby and a fashion show.

Between the lines: Straatsma says there is a strong tie between tech and Legos, crediting his childhood hobby (and adult passion) with helping lead him to his career as a network engineer.

  • In building networks, Straatsma said, one has to use a predefined set of parts to achieve a goal. So too, he says, with plastic bricks.

Straatsma, who partnered with his wife Maria for the show, is joined by Moto Kanemoto, who works in cyber security in Denver, and Randall Wilson, a user experience specialist in Chicago. I spoke with the three together over video chat last week.

  • Kanemoto, who has studied mechanical engineering and design, says his Lego passion draws on all of his skills, given that the show's tasks are both a structural challenge and an aesthetic competition.
  • Wilson said that his work as a user experience designer is similar to his "Lego Masters" experience in that both call on him to clearly communicate an idea without saying a word.
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