May 30, 2021 - Economy

Tennessee hat store's "not vaccinated" Star of David patches spark protest

Manufacturer Stetson announced Saturday it's pulling its products from a store in Nashville, Tennessee, which advertised the sale of "not vaccinated" Star of David patches for $5.

Driving the news: Protesters rallied outside Hatwrks Saturday, displaying signs with messages including "The Holocaust is not a marketing op."

  • Stetson said in a statement it "condemns antisemitism and discrimination of any kind," adding "our distribution partners will cease the sale of all Stetson products" as a "result of the offensive content and opinions shared by Hatwrks."
  • The store's sign comes amid a rise of anti-Semitic attacks across the U.S.

Of note: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) was condemned by Republican leaders last week for comparing likening mask mandates to the Holocaust.

What they're saying: Hatwrks has since deleted the advertisement from its Instagram account, but in a follow-up post the firm incorrectly claimed that people wouldn't be able to enter certain venues "unless you show your papers." It later apologized for the Star of David post:

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