Apr 26, 2021 - Sports

Ranking the U.S.' largest media markets

Data: Nielsen; Table: Axios Visuals

Atlanta jumped up three spots and is now the seventh-largest media market in the U.S., according to the 2021 Nielsen DMA rankings.

How it works: There are 201 DMAs, or "Designated Market Areas," in the U.S. They include the urban center and suburbs, plus the surrounding counties that receive the same TV signal.

  • Rounding out the top 20 ... 11. Phoenix, 12. Seattle, 13. Tampa-St. Petersburg, 14. Minneapolis-St. Paul, 15. Detroit, 16. Denver, 17. Orlando, 18. Miami, 19. Cleveland, 20. Sacramento.

Of note: Atlanta, which saw the NHL come and go twice in 31 years, joins Houston as the only cities in the top 10 without a team in all five major sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS).

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