Apr 23, 2021 - Health

The bad news about the J&J pause

How the Johnson & Johnson vaccine news negatively impacted public opinion
Data: Harris Poll; Chart: Will Chase/Axios

Publicity surrounding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine's possible link to blood clots has had a negative effect on overall public opinion on vaccines, according to new Harris polling.

By the numbers: 54% of respondents said they wouldn't be willing to take the J&J vaccine in the future, even if its use is given the go-ahead by federal regulators.

  • Among those who were already skeptical of the vaccines — or who said they will “wait awhile and see” before taking the vaccine — well over half said the pause makes them more hesitant about vaccine safety overall.
  • The news also negatively impacted the opinions of people who said they won't take the vaccine.
  • And despite the rarity of blood clots among those who got the J&J vaccine, 69% of respondents said they are very or somewhat concerned about the link. 80% of those who want to wait and see before getting the vaccine said the same.

All of that said, 77% of respondents said they strongly or somewhat support the decision to pause use of the vaccine.

What we're watching: An independent advisory committee will meet again today about whether to resume use of the vaccine.

  • But only slightly more than half of respondents think use of the vaccine should be resumed if it's linked to rare blood clots.
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