Apr 13, 2021 - World

Taiwan reports a record 25 China warplanes entering its airspace

China's J-10 fighter jets perform during a flight demonstration at the 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai.

China's J-10 fighter jets during a flight demonstration in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai. Photo: May Tse/South China Morning Post via Getty Images

China's government has sent 25 military jets into Taiwan airspace, the self-governed island's Ministry of National Defense said.

Why it matters: Monday's deployment of 14 J-16 and four J-10 fighters, four H-6K bombers, two Y-8 anti-sub warfare aircraft and one KJ-500 aircraft marks the biggest breach of Taiwan's air defense identification zone on record, according to the island's defense ministry.

  • The status of the democratic island of Taiwan, which the Chinese government claims is a breakaway province, is one of the most sensitive political issues between Washington and Beijing.

Details: Taiwan's defense ministry said it deployed combat aircraft to warn the jets, and used missile systems to monitor the warplanes.

For the record: The White House has called the "concerning increase" in Chinese military activity in the Taiwan Strait "potentially destabilizing."

  • The State Department issued guidelines Friday "to encourage U.S. government engagement with Taiwan that reflects our deepening unofficial relationship."
  • China's ruling Communist Party did not immediately comment on the Taiwan military report.

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