Mar 11, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Trump starting to fade from view

Indexed traffic to Trump articles

For the first time in years, Donald Trump is starting to fade into the background, according to SocialFlow data tracking the number of clicks to news articles.

The big picture: During the first month of his post-presidency, Trump remained as discussed as he was when he was in office, when he dominated social and traditional media. His numbers have plunged the past couple weeks.

  • During the first four weeks after he left office, daily clicks to Trump articles — indexed to 100, based on highs and lows during the past year — averaged 53.
  • In the last two weeks, the average has fallen to 21.

Between the lines: Part of the decrease has been by choice. Trump's CPAC speech on Feb. 28 was his only public appearance since leaving office, and his media appearances were limited to a few network call-ins.

  • Another part of the drop has been forced upon him: he no longer has his social media accounts, including his once-dominant Twitter feed.
  • In recent days, he has resorted to issuing tweet-like press releases.

By the numbers: Interest in Trump over the last year peaked during the week of the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, per the SocialFlow data. It was also high during election week and when he contracted the coronavirus.

  • Despite high viewership for Trump's CPAC speech, the day after the address marked his least-trafficked day dating back to January 2020.

The bottom line: After four years of being subsumed by Trump, the political and media worlds are adjusting to their new normal.

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