Mar 3, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Vernon Jordan discusses friendship with Bill Clinton in new Gary Ginsberg book

Gary Ginsberg book

Cover courtesy Gary Ginsberg

Gary Ginsberg — lawyer, corporate executive and former Clinton administration aide — had a three-hour lunch with Vernon Jordan for "First Friends," a book about presidential confidants, out July 6:

Numerous former aides recall with astonishment how over eight years they never saw or heard Jordan ask for anything from Clinton except for one small request — that he attend the 1994 President's Cup golf tournament due to his friendship with Robert Trent Jones ... He never sought time on Clinton's schedule or input on legislation for clients, nor did he seek special favors for himself or his friends. Of course it didn't hurt Jordan's law practice to be known as the First Friend ...
"People think I needed Bill Clinton to be who I was," Jordan said in 2018, spelling out his words: "My L-I-F-E," he continued, "did N-O-T start when Bill Clinton became President."
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