Feb 28, 2021 - Economy

Reddit CEO "reimagining" the future of office life

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman says he sees the company's new offices as "more of a collaborative space," he tells "Axios on HBO."

Why it matters: "Over a majority" of Reddit staffers want the flexibility to work from both home and the office, Huffman said.

  • "The only thing I know for sure is I am not going to be working in the office five days a week, and I'm not going to be working from home five days a week."
  • "Given how much we've learned in the last year, I think we'd be foolish to assume we know anything at all about the year to come in terms of how people want to work."

Between the lines: Reddit was in the middle of moving offices when the shelter-in-place orders started last year.

  • "Now we are reimagining this office as more of a collaborative space. So think a coffee shop, where people can come as individuals or as teams. They can work here as much or little as they like."
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