Feb 16, 2021 - Economy

Larry Kudlow hosts Steven Mnuchin on first edition of new Fox Business show

Larry Kudlow on Fox Business

Photo: Fox Business

Larry Kudlow, the longtime CNBC host who became President Trump's economic adviser, returns to live anchoring today — this time on Fox Business, with "Kudlow," from New York at 4 p.m. ET (repeating at 7 p.m. ET).

Debut guest: Former Trump administration colleague Steven Mnuchin.

In a phone interview, I asked him about covering the Biden economy: "I think the economy is a whole lot stronger than most folks seem to think. ... I'm still in the V-shaped recovery mode. I think many people are far too pessimistic."

  • "I'm not a big political guy; I'm a policy guy. ... I want America to prosper."

On his last conversation with Donald Trump: "I spoke to him on the Thursday afternoon before the inaugural. We had about a 20-minute chat. ... He was very calm. He was very gracious, very complimentary."

  • On whether they'll stay friends: "I hope to. [The reaction to the Electoral College] was disappointing ... I believe he'll get through this. If he ever calls me for some economic advice, I'd be more than happy to give it."

Should Trump run again? "I don't have a view on that. You gotta ask the political sharpies."

On whether it's awkward with CNBC: "Not at all. Several of them emailed and texted: 'Good luck.' I loved my CNBC years. ... But when my agent started having discussions many, many months ago, the Fox opportunity grew larger and larger."

  • "It's funny," Kudlow continued. "We were doing some rehearsing today. I was reading the teleprompter, and I just loved it. We asked some of the top brass to watch. I said: 'How's it look?' And they said: 'You've done this before.'"
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