Feb 3, 2021 - Health

NBA to require higher-quality masks

Picture of a KN95 mask

A KN95 mask. Photo: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The NBA will begin requiring players to wear KN95 or KF94 masks in all instances where masks are required (i.e. on the bench during games).

Why it matters: Many Americans are still grabbing the most available or comfortable masks, but not necessarily the most effective ones. Having the NBA's most visible stars wearing them could help send a message.

  • Plus, for a league that spent millions of dollars on daily testing and has rigorous protocols in place, not requiring high-quality masks is foolish.

The big picture: Don't be surprised if you start seeing more high-filtration masks like the KN95 and KF94, as experts push for increased production and usage.

"I think we should be making a harder push to boost manufacturing of high-quality masks and do more to get better masks in the hands of consumers. ... The new variants increase the urgency here."
— Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, via WSJ

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