Jan 13, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Representatives to face fines for not passing through metal detectors

Speaker Nancy Pelos in the House of Representatives on Jan. 13.

Speaker Nancy Pelos in the House of Representatives on Jan. 13. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced on Wednesday that the House is moving forward with a new rule to impose fines on members for refusing to pass through metal detectors before entering the chamber.

Why it matters: The rule change comes after several House Republicans became frustrated with the detectors and bypassed them Tuesday night, according to CNN and NBC News.

What they're saying: “On behalf of the House, I express my deepest gratitude to the U.S. Capitol Police for the valor that they showed during the deadly insurrection on the Capitol, as they protected the lives of the staff and the Congress," Pelosi said.

  • “Sadly, just days later, many House Republicans have disrespected our heroes by verbally abusing them and refusing to adhere to basic precautions keeping members of our Congressional community, including the Capitol Police, safe."

The big picture: Members who refused to pass through the detectors will face a $5,000 fine for a first offense and $10,000 fine for a second — both of which will be deducted from offending representative's pay.

  • Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), who has inquired about carrying firearms into the U.S. Capitol, got into an altercation with Capitol Police on Tuesday and initially refused to show officers the contents of her bag, though she was eventually allowed into the chamber, according to CNN.
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