Dec 11, 2020 - World

AstraZeneca to use Russia’s Sputnik V in COVID-19 vaccine trials

Picture of a woman receiving the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on her arm

Photo: Donat Sorokin\TASS via Getty Images

AstraZeneca will begin trials to test whether its experimental coronavirus vaccine can be successfully combined with Russia’s Sputnik V shot, the company announced on Friday.

Why it matters: Both AstraZeneca's and Russia's vaccines have raised questions among experts around their separate trials. Russia has not completed advanced studies on the vaccine to ensure whether it is safe and adheres to scientific protocols. AstraZeneca's vaccine is reported to be about 62% effective, but some patients accidentally received a modified dosing regimen during trials.

The big picture: The announcement comes days after the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine proposed on Twitter that AstraZeneca combine its shot with Russia's.

Details: The Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund which has funded the development of Sputnik V, said clinical trials with AstraZeneca’s would begin by the end of the month, per CNBC.

  • The trial will begin enrolling adults aged 18 years and older.

Worth noting: Last week, Russia began distributing its vaccine — which they report to be 90% effective — in Moscow, announcing that 5,000 people had signed up to be inoculated in the city.

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