Nov 18, 2020 - Sports

Division I athletes reach 90% graduation rate

Courtesy: NCAA

College athletes continue to graduate at record rates and outperform non-athletes, according to the NCAA's latest Graduation Success Rate (GSR) report.

By the numbers: 90% of Division I athletes who enrolled in 2013 earned a degree within six years, up from 74% in 2002 — and an increase of 1% over last year's previous high.

  • White student-athletes: 93% GSR (up from 81% in 2002)
  • Hispanic/Latino student-athletes: 87% (up from 64% in 2002)
  • Black student-athletes: 80% GSR (up from 54% in 2002)

Women graduated at particularly high rates. In fact, only one women's sport earned a GSR rate below 90% (bowling: 84%), and women's ice hockey earned a perfect 100%.

Other divisions: Even when using the less-inclusive federal graduation rates, student-athletes outperform their peers in Division II and Division III, as well.

  • D-II student-athletes graduate at a rate 9% higher than the general student body (62% vs. 53%).
  • D-III student-athletes graduate at a rate 5% higher than the general student body (68% vs. 63%).
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