Nov 13, 2020 - Health

New York's daily COVID-19 case count tops 5,000 for first time since April

Picture of people waiting outside in line for coronavirus testing.

People wait in line for COVID-19 testing in Brooklyn. Photo: Xinhua/Michael Nagle via Getty Images

New York state’s daily coronavirus case count has surpassed 5,000 for the first time since April.

By the numbers: Gov. Andrew Cuomo tweeted on Friday that of the roughly 203,000 COVID-19 tests taken, 5,401 produced positive results. "Total hospitalizations are at 1,737," and the state saw 24 coronavirus-related deaths, per Cuomo.

  • Cuomo's press secretary, Caitlin Girouard, told Axios that the 200,000+ tests set a new record for the state.

Why it matters: Once the epicenter of the U.S. and global outbreak, New York successfully flattened its curve this summer, serving as a model for how states could safely and cautiously lift lockdown restrictions.

What's happening: The New York state court system announced on Friday, "All future bench trials and hearings will be conducted virtually," unless the respective administrative judge says otherwise. New prospective trial jurors and grand jury jurors will not be summoned until further notice, starting Monday, Nov. 16.

What to watch: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said families should be prepared for schools to discontinue in-person classes as soon as Monday, Bloomberg writes citing an interview the mayor did with WNYC-FM radio.

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