Nov 4, 2020 - Health

This was the coronavirus election

Illustration of President Trump holding a mask.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Four in 10 voters named the pandemic as their top issue in the presidential race, according to AP VoteCast. Another three in 10 said the economy and jobs were most important.

Why it matters: Voters were more likely to say that the government should focus on limiting the spread of the virus, even if it damages the economy, than to say the economy should be prioritized above all else.

  • About half of voters said the pandemic isn't at all under control, and six in 10 said the economy is in poor shape.
  • An overwhelming majority said that the virus has impacted them personally, and about two in 10 said a close friend or family member has died from the virus.

The backdrop: Coronavirus hospitalizations surged as Americans cast their votes, with Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Indiana, Nebraska, North Dakota and New Mexico all reporting record high hospitalizations this week, AP reports.

  • Wisconsin reported a record 5,771 new coronavirus cases Tuesday. Hospitals in Iowa and Missouri are warning they could soon be overwhelmed.
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