Oct 20, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Voting rights activist: 800,000 Latino citizens turn 18 every year

Lydia Camarillo, president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, said at an Axios virtual event on Tuesday that 800,000 Latino citizens turn 18 every year, meaning that there could be more than 3 million new registered voters in four years — not including naturalized citizens.

The big picture: The 2020 election marks the first time in history that Latinos will be the largest minority ethnic or racial group in the electorate, with 32 million eligible voters.

What they're saying: "It's important to note that Latinos live in the competitive states, whether it's Iowa, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and of course Florida, and let's not forget Arizona and Texas," Camarillo told Axios' Alexi McCammond.

  • "I think that the Latino electorate can be the deciding factor in this election — in partnership with other groups like the Black community, the Muslim community, Asian American community and progressives. They will decide the election."

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