Oct 16, 2020 - Health

A vast majority of Americans love pre-existing conditions protections

Reproduced from KFF; Chart: Axios Visuals

The vast majority — nearly eight in 10 — of Americans don't want to the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act's pre-existing conditions protections, according to a KFF poll.

Yes, but: Only 58% of Americans say the same about the law in its entirety, with the gap between the two positions largest among Republicans.

Between the lines: The heart of the ACA is its pre-existing conditions protections, and other major pieces of the law exist to make health coverage affordable for everyone while ensuring sick people can get health care.

  • Although there are other ways to protect people with pre-existing conditions, none of those proposed by Republicans have given the same level of protection, and other ideas require more federal spending.

Why it matters: The future of the ACA is suddenly threatened, once again, by the Supreme Court, and that's made the law front and center heading into the 2020 election. There isn't a very realistic scenario in which the law's pre-existing conditions protections survive, but the rest of it falls.

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