Sep 22, 2020 - Health

200,000 Americans gone too soon

Data: Johns Hopkins; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: Johns Hopkins; Chart: Axios Visuals

Today marks another devastating milestone in the 2020 history books:

The state of play: February 29: First reported U.S. coronavirus death; May 23: U.S. death toll hits 100,000; September 22: U.S. death toll hits 200,000, according to the Johns Hopkins tracker.

The big picture: The world's most powerful country has abjectly failed in its response to this pandemic.

  • The federal response has been abysmal, ranging from procurement disasters such as PPE to signs of rot at revered institutions like the CDC.
  • Many states made errors around quarantines and face mask rules.
  • The citizenry isn't immune from blame: America has been an outlier among its peers for its culture wars over face masks and social distancing.

The bottom line: Deaths keep coming — we’re averaging roughly 830 per day — even as the country increasingly sees the pandemic as background noise, reports Axios' Sam Baker.

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