Sep 17, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Gov. Jay Inslee urges voters to put climate change at forefront in November

Gov. Jay Inslee and Axios' Amy Harder on a Zoom call

Axios' Amy Harder and Gov. Jay Inslee.

Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) is urging Americans to "vote against candidates that deny climate change" in November, during an Axios virtual event on Thursday.

What he's saying: "I hope you'll make a voting decision this year that you are gonna vote against candidates that deny climate change, or even worse, accept the fact that there is climate change but refuse to do something about it," Inslee said.

  • "I almost think that's worse, it's almost worse, to admit that the house is on fire but refuse to pick up a bucket and try to put the fire out," he said, adding: "This is our last shot."

Driving the news: President Trump has clashed with California officials over global warming's role in states' catastrophic fires, while former Vice President Joe Biden has used the devastation to accuse Trump of being a "climate arsonist" who threatens the country by dismissing consensus climate science.

The Trump and Biden campaigns did not immediately reply to requests for comment.

Watch the Axios event here.

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