Sep 15, 2020 - Politics & Policy

List: The companies that plan to give employees time off to work Election Day polls

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Photo: Logan Cyrus/AFP via Getty Images

On Friday in the Pro Rata newsletter, we noted that both Facebook and Old Navy were giving employees paid time off to work polls on Election Day, due to anticipated staffing shortfalls caused by the pandemic. Then we challenged you to do the same in an effort to help prevent long lines at best, or polling location closures at worst.

Driving the news: The response was tremendous. And deserving of recognition. So instead of a traditional Pro Rata column (sign up to get it in your inbox), below are the companies and firms that wrote back...

  • Away: Day off, including for all retail workers.
  • BigToken
  • The Block
  • BMNT: Day off, encouraging poll or election-related transportation work.
  • Branch Furniture: Day off to volunteer, morning off to vote.
  • Chatbooks: Day off to vote and volunteer.
  • CodeScience: Turned it into billable project for consultants, so they both get paid and it counts toward bonuses.
  • Collabfund
  • Digits: Day off.
  • DKC: Day off.
  • Dupont Circle Solutions: Day off to volunteer, morning off to vote.
  • Hiltzik Strategies
  • Integrity Growth Partners: Day off for teams and encouraging same for portfolio companies.
  • Incredible Health: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • Insight Partners: Day off.
  • Institutional Limited Partners Association
  • Invoca: Day off.
  • TheKeyPR: Day off to work polls.
  • Lighter Nutrition: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • Metromile: Election day now counts in flex holiday program, to vote or volunteer.
  • Notion: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • Pallas Advisors/Pallas Ventures
  • Primary Venture Partners
  • Salary Finance: Day off to volunteer.
  • Schnitzer Steel Industries
  • Silversmith Capital Partners.
  • Spiro.AI
  • Spurrier Capital Partners: PTO to work polling places.
  • Sun Mountain Capital: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • Techstars: Day off to volunteer.
  • Thumbtack: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • Triplemint
  • Trust & Will: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
  • TuneIn: Company holiday.
  • txtsmarter: Election day now permanent company holiday.
  • Underclub: Day off, encouraging volunteerism.
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