Sep 12, 2020 - Economy

Peeps candy production halted ahead of Halloween due to pandemic

Pink and yellow Marshmallow Peeps are seen April 18, 2003 in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

1Pink and yellow Marshmallow Peeps in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Photo: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

There'll be no Peeps marshmallow candies produced for this Halloween — or Christmas or Valentine's Day either — because of the coronavirus pandemic, Just Born Quality Confections said, per

The big picture: The firm suspended production in two Pennsylvania facilities in March as the outbreak spread. Just Born resumed limited output in May, but said it won't make Peeps and other candies until next year to focus on meeting demand for next Easter. "We look forward to offering our fun seasonal shapes and packaging at all major seasons again beginning with Halloween of 2021," the company added.

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