Aug 20, 2020 - Technology

It's going to be easier for agencies to buy U.S.-made drones

A drone from Skydio

Photo: Skydio

A Defense Department agency is giving the green light to the military and federal agencies to buy U.S.-manufactured drones from five companies.

The big picture: The move comes amid a crackdown on Chinese-made drones and is the result of an 18-month effort from the Defense Innovation Agency, a unit that makes it easier for the government to do business with small, innovative companies.


  • The five drone makers approved are Skydio, Vantage Robotics, Parrot, Altavian and Teal Drones.
  • The move paves the way for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines to buy such drones, as well as other federal government agencies.

Between the lines: The latest defense authorization law prohibited agencies from buying Chinese-made drones in fiscal 2020. Chinese drone maker DJI dominates the global drone market.

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