Aug 13, 2020 - Technology

Sister of slain tech CEO Fahim Saleh speaks out

Fahim Saleh. Photo: Courtesy of Saleh family

Fahim Saleh. Photo: Courtesy of Saleh family

Ruby Angela Saleh, the sister of Fahim Saleh, the young tech CEO who was killed last month, is sharing her story in hopes people will know her brother as more than just the subject of a tragic headline.

The big picture: Fahim Saleh's 21-year-old former assistant, Tyrese Haspil, has been charged with the murder and has pleaded not guilty, per CNN.

What she's saying: In a moving Medium post, Saleh talks about her memories of her brother as well as what it was like to see him reduced to headlines like "CEO Found Dismembered In Manhattan Apartment."

  • She recalls the younger brother she helped feed and diaper in Bangladesh, the family's move to the U.S., Fahim as a budding tech entrepreneur who produced income-generating web sites starting at age 13 and the still-young CEO planning for a future that was cut short.
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