Aug 8, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Oprah Winfrey demands justice for Breonna Taylor in series of billboard buys

"O, The Oprah Magazine" bought 26 billboard slots across Louisville, Kentucky, this week calling for the arrest of officers responsible for Breonna Taylor's death, the publication said.

What' they're saying: "Demand that the police involved in killing Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged," the billboards — one for every year of Taylor's' life — read.

  • The billboard includes a quote from Winfrey: "If you turn a blind eye to racism, you become an accomplice to it."

Why it matters: The ad buy comes amid a flurry of activity in Winfrey's campaign for justice for Taylor. Winfrey in July gave up her "Oprah Magazine" cover for the first time to feature Taylor, who died after police shot her while she was sleeping in her own home.

  • "She was just like me. She was just like you," Winfrey wrote in the magazine, discussing the decision to feature Taylor on the cover last month. "And like everyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future filled with responsibility and work and friends and laughter."
  • "Imagine if three unidentified men burst into your home while you were sleeping. And your partner fired a gun to protect you. And then mayhem ... We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice," she adds.

The big picture: Taylor's case is one of several elevated by recent Black Lives Matter protests across the country. But officers involved in her death have still not been arrested, prompting a rallying cry for accountability in the Louisville police force.

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