Aug 4, 2020 - Economy

Maria Bartiromo rings in 25 years of Wall Street reporting

Maria Bartiromo greets Nelson Mandela in 2002. Photo: NYSE

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo will virtually ring the bell of the NYSE on Tuesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her historic first report from the trading floor for CNBC, at age 27, on Aug. 4, 1995.

What she's saying: "It was a Wall Street boys' club, and I turned up there, a young woman with a camera, and they had to get used to it," Bartiromo recalled for the N.Y. Post. "I'm proud to have had the courage to go down there and face this sea of suits."

  • Today, Bartiromo clocks 17 hours of live TV each week — including Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures," where she made news with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this weekend.

The N.Y. Times wrote in 2007 that she "turns up daily on the stock exchange floor, to stand among the chaos, interviewing business leaders as traders run around her."

  • "Bartiromo, unfazed, only seems to talk a bit louder and maybe — though it hardly seems possible — a bit faster, in her distinctive Bay Ridge accent."
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