Jul 23, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Larry Hogan's new book details how seriously he considered primarying Trump

Cover via An America United

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, one of the Republican Party's top future presidential prospects, has a book out Tuesday, "Still Standing," that describes how seriously he considered challenging President Trump for re-election.

What he's saying: Hogan writes that he told them he had no interest in launching "a suicide mission" if he didn't think he had a prayer to win: "But a short, energetic campaign might be right up my alley. 'I’m pretty good at retail politics,' I said."

  • "I'm not just wandering around the states hitchhiking," Hogan recalls joking to reporters in New Hampshire after a trip to Iowa.

Hogan says he waited for Trump to unleash a nickname:

  • "I assumed he would go with 'Fat Larry,' an obvious choice as I had admittedly put on some weight since my cancer battle. Or maybe 'Cancer Boy.' That would be a good one. But it didn’t happen."

"I never attack the president personally," Hogan continues:

Never call him a name. I’d really prefer not to talk about him at all. I stay focused on my job as governor. But when something rises to the level that I really disagree with, something that’s just so offensive or that directly hurts the people of Maryland, I stand up and say something. ...
I'm respectful of President Trump. But unlike a lot of Republicans, I won’t just stay silent, swear allegiance, and blindly toe the line.
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