Jul 5, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Reality check on Kanye 2020

Rapper Kanye West is loving the frenzy he touched off during fireworks, and he's retweeting every story about him running for president, from the Philippine Star to Reuters.

  • Reality check: Kanye announced last year that he'd run in 2024. The hurdles to getting on enough ballots for Nov. 3 (121 days) are beyond formidable, and the date is late. (Shhh! Don't tell Twitter!)

As ABC's Terry Moran put it on the "This Week" roundtable: "These are serious times. ... We have two old men running for office. America is a tomorrow country. I think the person who better defines what tomorrow looks like is going to win. My hunch is that's not gonna be Kanye. ... His videos will be great, I'm sure."

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