Jul 3, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Biden's holiday ad gives his definition of success

A young Joe Biden smiling at a dinner table

Biden for President via YouTube

A Joe Biden ad debuting over this holiday weekend, "Taught Me," says his parents taught him "that success means looking at your child, and realizing they turned out better than you."

Why it matters: The ad is part of Biden's effort to leverage his experience as what the campaign calls "a core strength," at a time President Trump is arguing, as he put in Tulsa, that Biden's record "can be summed up as four decades of betrayal, calamity, and failure. He never did anything."

The Biden campaign says the minute-long digital ad is part of a paid-media blitz in battleground states, highlighting Biden's "leadership experience and core values." Two others:

  • "That's a President" is basically Joe Biden as Tom Cruise.
  • "Proud" depicts Biden as "a proud military father who sent a son to Iraq ... American leadership isn't just about an example of our power, but the power of our example. ... So as long as they're fighting, he is, too."

The ads will run on YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming platforms in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona.

  • The campaign says: "While our digital ads may have different looks and feels across platforms, they all ladder up to our campaign's central themes that we know resonate with voters, especially right now during times of crisis."
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