Jun 25, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Biden: Trump is "worried about looking bad" with COVID tests

Joe Biden gives a speech in Delaware

Biden speaks at Delaware State University’s student center June 5. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

Joe Biden is using one of his rare in-person events today to criticize President Trump's comments about COVID-19 testing during a speech about the Affordable Care Act in Pennsylvania.

Driving the news: Biden will argue that Trump cares more about his political fortunes than Americans' health, saying that "he thinks finding out that more Americans are sick will make him look bad."

What they're saying: "He called testing, 'a double-edged sword.' Let’s be crystal clear about what he means by that," Biden will say, according to prepared remarks provided by the campaign.

  • "Testing unequivocally saves lives, and widespread testing is the key to opening up our economy again — so that’s one edge of the sword."
  • "The other edge: that he thinks finding out that more Americans are sick will make him look bad. And that’s what he’s worried about. He’s worried about looking bad."

Why it matters: It's general election season now, and Biden is not wasting time pulling any punches against his opponent.

  • His campaign has spent this week focused on the ACA, hosting different virtual events with various members of their team, including Dr. Jill Biden and a fundraiser with former President Barack Obama.
  • "And perhaps most cruelly of all, if Donald Trump has his way, complications from COVID-19 could become a new pre-existing condition," Biden will say.

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