Jun 24, 2020 - Podcasts

The jobs that won't come back

In February, the U.S. job market was at a 60-year peak. Now, months into a pandemic and an economic recession, many of the job losses are more permanent than previously thought. The pandemic will shift what kinds of work will be available and the skills required to do it.

  • Plus, why Axios and other news organizations are now capitalizing the "B" in Black when referring to people, or communities who identify as Black.
  • Why wearing a mask is now less about the risk of getting infected and more about our views about the best way of getting back to "normal life.'
  • Finally, Major League Baseball is officially happening this summer. Just 60 games, no public crowds and many details still to be sorted out. Start date will be July 23 or 24.

Guests: Axios' Erica Pandey, Sara Kehaulani Goo, and Bryan Walsh.

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