Jun 9, 2020 - Science

Trump administration reverses Obama-era hunting ban in Alaska

Two grizzly bear cubs appear gazing out onto the vast inlet as their mother hunts for clams buried on the sandy beach in Alaska.

Grizzly bears at Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Photo: Julie Picardi/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The National Park Service published new rules on Tuesday that will enable the resumption of hunting and trapping methods including baiting bear traps, killing grizzly bear cubs and wolf pups in Alaska's national preserves.

The big picture: The new policy reverses Obama administration regulations. Wildlife welfare groups have called the hunting practices that will be permitted starting July 9 "cruel." Hunting advocates and Alaskan state leaders criticized the Obama-era ban for eroding state's rights and encroaching on their livelihoods, the New York Times notes. Tribal groups opposed the previous rules for threatening "long sustainable management practices" and have welcomed the Trump administration's changes.

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